Drive high performance

Accountability is key

There is no single recipe for success, but what is abundantly clear is that establishing clear expectations and proving consistent, balanced regular performance feedback goes a long way to building and sustaining a high performing team.

Encourage a culture of feedback and provide leaders with an insight into the balance and volume of feedback delivered, and who is and isn’t receiving feedback.

Drive Hight

Improve unsatisfactory performance

Don't settle

The burden of team members who are not performing can take a negative toll on organisational culture and productivity. It is said that nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one.

Provide leaders with a platform that delivers structured questions and feedback reminders so that the right information is captured and followed up at the appropriate time.

Improve unsatisfactory performance

Capture the moments that matter

Accountability is key

All too often, the type of performance feedback leaders record is limited to those of a serious nature, and usually because of the time taken to record the discussion and determining what information to capture.

Encourage leaders to be proactive when delivering and recording information with a platform that captures performance discussions in seconds, on any device and with subtle prompts regarding the key points to address.


Receive data-driven insights

Knowledge is power

Human behaviour is unpredictable and is no different in the workplace. How leaders interact with the workforce, and the performance discussions that occur on a day to day basis is often an enigma and is difficult to quantify. So too can be the quality and quantity of performance management data.

Obtain data driven insights in real time relating to how leaders are interacting with the workforce, and the types of interactions that are occurring.

Receive Data

Prevent the loss of valuable data

Everything in one place

The collection of performance-related data can be an imperfect and cumbersome task, particularly as organisations scale, teams expand, and leaders come and go. Collecting and maintaining accurate data becomes unwieldy and difficult.

Remove the need to maintain spreadsheets, diaries or HR files by using a single secure platform for the collection of performance data, with records available to the right people, at the right time.

Prevent the loss of valuable data